Operating System Deployment in the Cloud

OSDCloud is the name given to deploying an Operating System over the internet using the OSD PowerShell Module. This project started as a way internally for us to easily deploy an OS and prepare it for AutoPilot from a USB Drive or a Network Share. This required lots of new functions and everything was deployed from WinPE and a PowerShell script

The History

On March 8, 2021, I figured out how to enable PowerShell Gallery support in WinPE and this changed everything

Two days later, I was able to image a computer with my PowerShell Script saved in a GitHub repository

A few days later, no GitHub dependency. It runs entirely within the OSD PowerShell Module

The Goal

I plan on adding some Driver support for HP and Lenovo, as well as adding Cumulative Updates ... but other than that, I'm wide open. To be honest, I think the goal of imaging a computer from the Cloud with nothing but WinPE was the Goal ...