Updated 21.10.29

Admin Rights

You are going to be mounting wim files, so yes, this is an absolute with no way around it

Open Internet

You are going to be downloading lots of stuff, so you need Internet access. There is no Proxy or Firewall configuration in OSDCloud yet, so make sure you are good

Install the OSD PowerShell Module

This changes frequently until OSDCloud is working fully, so I recommend that you wash, rinse, and repeat this command frequently
Install-Module OSD -Force

Install the Windows ADK + Windows PE add-on

Windows 10 ADK

If you are running Windows 10, you should use the Windows 10 ADK that matches your running Operating System version if you plan on enabling OSDCloud WiFi Support. This is because OSDCloud WiFi uses your running OS's Windows RE, and the ADK OC Packages will only install if they are the correct one for your running OS.

Windows 11 ADK

Only use this if you are running Windows 11. OSDCloud WiFi is not currently enabled for Windows RE for Windows 11 as this will not work on Virtual Machines.
Download and install the Windows ADK

PowerShell Capable

Finally, you need to be PowerShell capable, or at least be willing to learn how to use PowerShell. I do not offer individual training sessions


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