Quick Setup

OSDCloud August Update 21.8.111+

If you are looking to quickly get OSDCloud running, and you have all the Requirements met, then get started here

Requires OSD PowerShell Module 21.8.11+

Requires Admin Rights


The easiest way to see all the examples you can set is to use OSDPad. Fire up PowerShell as Admin and run the following command

OSDHelp OSDCloudSetup

OSDHelp is really just OSDPad that points to my GitHub Repo


This file is always displayed first and should have some important information for you to review before getting started

Quick Setup

Select the Quick Setup script from the ComboBox. You can make changes to the script like changing the Workspace path. When you are ready, just press the RUN button

And that's it!

Boot to ISO

Here's how things look when you boot to the ISO