What makes OSDCloud work is WinPE with a few minor adjustments. These changes relate to getting PowerShell Gallery working, and adding some supporting files like Curl and Wireless support (WinRE). Additionally, ADK packages are installed to make PowerShell work

What makes this a Template is that this function creates a master OSDCloud repository in the following location


Once this master is created, it can be used to make multiple Workspaces where you can do your OSDCloud customizations. Finally, when complete, the Template creates what I call a Universal WinPE that can be used for Microsoft Deployment and Configuration Manager


Admin Rights are a necessity since you will working with WIM files

Microsoft Windows ADK

This is required as you will be installing ADK Packages into the ADK WinPE. If you decide to enable OSDCloud Wireless, the ADK installed must match your Host OS version

Microsoft DaRT

If you have Microsoft DaRT and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit installed, then Microsoft DaRT will automatically be added to your WinPE

Wireless Support

Wireless Networking works by using your WinRE instead of the WinPE that comes with the ADK, so your WinRE must be working properly

With or Without Wireless Support

You have a decision to make at this point, you can either choose to make your OSDCloud support Wireless Networking or not. Once you've made that decision, use one of the following commands to create your OSDCloud Template

No Wireless



New-OSDCloud.template -WinRE


Give the process a few minutes and it will be complete