Universal WinPE

One new concept about OSDCloud is that it creates a Universal WinPE that is stored in the following path


To see what it looks like booting up, I create a new OSDCloud Workspace and immediately create an ISO

When I boot this ISO to a machine, it it looks like this, which is exactly like the default ADK winpe.wim

WinPE Configuration

The Universal WinPE has the following configuration:

  • wgl4_boot.ttf is applied to Media to fix bad display resolution in WinPE UEFI

    1. .\Media\boot\fonts\wgl4_boot.ttf

    2. .\Media\efi\microsoft\boot\fonts\wgl4_boot.ttf

  • ADK Packages are installed for PowerShell support

  • Curl.exe is added to $MountPath\Windows\System32

  • Setx.exe is added to $MountPath\Windows\System32

  • WinPE PowerShell Execution Policy is set to Bypass

  • PowerShell Gallery support is added

    1. System Variables are added for APPDATA and LOCALAPPDATA

    2. PackageManagement

    3. PowerShellGet

  • Microsoft DaRT is added to WinPE from C:\Program Files\Microsoft DaRT\v10\Toolsx64.cab

    1. WinPE winpeshl.ini is removed

    2. Microsoft DaRT Config is added from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates\DartConfig8.dat

  • Console Registry Changes are applied to mounted Registry (ForceV2, Buffers)

  • On Screen Keyboard

As you can see, nothing OSD, OSDCloud, or OSDeploy has been added to the boot.wim. This can easily be copied back into ADK for MDT or Config Manager (make a backup of you ADK winpe.wim)


Make sure you rebuild your OSDCloud Template and Workspace with the latest OSD PowerShell Module

OSD 21.3.26 - On Screen Keyboard

  • On Screen Keyboard added

OSD 21.3.25 - Setx

  • Setx has been added for Chocolatey support

OSD - Console Force V2 Fix

  • Corrected an issue with Console ForceV2 not working properly

OSD - WGL4 and Microsoft DaRT

  • wgl4_boot.ttf (1909) to resolve issues with WinPE display resolution

  • Microsoft DaRT

    • Requires "C:\Program Files\Microsoft DaRT\v10\Toolsx64.cab"

    • Requires "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates\DartConfig8.dat"

OSD 21.3.17 - Initial Release

  • ADK Packages to support PowerShell

  • Curl.exe for downloading files

  • WinPE ExecutionPolicy Bypass

  • PowerShell Gallery Support

    • WinPE System Environment Variables

    • PackageManagement

    • PowerShellGet